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Chart Recorder

Article provided by: Gas Analytical Services

Chart Recorder

For 30 years, Gas Analytical Services has helped people manage their gas production information. We service more than 1,000 oil and gas companies in North America. If you are unhappy with our products and service, we offer a 90-day refund policy and future invoices will be canceled.

A chart recorder records a wide range of process and electrical signals. Gas Analytical Services has the software, services, and expertise to make sure your chart recorders are measuring correctly. You can request a free price quote on our chart recorder software options with no obligation.


This program reduces turnaround time, quickly collects information, and decreases clerical errors. 80% of the top gas producers in North America use ProChart. That comes out to over 900 customers with over 160,000 processed charts. ProChart software uses color recognition to interpret a chart's fluid volume calculation information digitally. The web viewer tool makes it easy to locate and read chart recorder images. You will get volume reports after processing, and quality assurance is done. Digital interpretation software scans and loads charts. An image overlay is created to determine a volume. Reports will be sent to you after they have been validated and analyzed. If you need the report quickly, it can be scanned remotely and sent to Gas Analytical Services within 24 to 48 hours. Otherwise, charts will be mailed directly for scanning.


This program optimizes production, reduces operational costs, and will improve measurements. Netflow will help you monitor and manage remote production and processing sites in real-time. A secure internet connection allows two-way encrypted communication between remote locations and the server. You can control and update information remotely without additional software. Netflow tracks more than 70-meter checkpoints for correct gas composition, orifice plate size, calibration, and other possible mistakes. You can view the error history and schedule meter maintenance.


This program increases accuracy, saves time and money, and increases control over managing fluid analysis. Protrend makes sure that the oil and gas production data is correct. Every chart analyzed is stored in one database. You can delete invalid and out of date fluid analyses, which makes sure income is distributed correctly. Rigorous validation of electronic data files passes through the software. Then it is objectively validated, and chart recorders that meet specific criteria are made available to use. Unqualified data is flagged and later reviewed by a qualified expert. You can track, schedule, and completely manage the fluid analysis process from one location. Transferring measurement data to information and revenue systems is much easier with this program. These information and revenue systems need calculations on fluid quality to be accurate. No more manual entry of critical information, which leads to fewer errors. Protrend allows you to finish meter calibrations without missing important information. It will also help you keep track of regulatory and contractual samples and calibration schedules.

For more information about our chart recorder services, please call 1-833-294-6527 between 7 am to 5 pm. You can also fill out your information on the contact page or send a private email to

Chart Recorder
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