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Electrical Engineering

Article provided by: Aura Engineering, LLC

Electrical Engineering


As the name suggests, electrical engineering involves the repair, maintenance, and installation of technologies that use electricity. Electrical engineers design or repair all kinds of electrical components in both small and large devices. The study of electronics engineering started in the 19th century. This branch of engineering employ principles in physics and mathematics to:

  • Design and develop electrical systems
  • Tests systems for efficiency
  • Identify and correct problems in electrical systems

 An electrical engineer can design tiny microchips for smartwatches as well as large components in an electric car. Electrical engineering contractors are the best people to call for all your electrical services. 

Why should you hire us?

We are one of the best electronics engineers in the industry with years of experience. In addition, our company provides a wide range of electrical engineering services to individuals and corporations.

Design circuits and components

Our team of engineers design electrical components and test them for efficiency. We also supervise the manufacture of those components for quality control. Our technicians design and test all kinds of electrical components and appliances, ranging from microwave antennas to turbines.

Energy efficiency

As an electrical engineering company, we use the latest green technologies to design electrical systems. In addition, we supervise the installation of energy-efficient HVAC, lighting, and electrical maintenance systems in residential settings.

You save money through energy efficiency. Our experts will also upgrade your current heating and lighting setup at some of the market's best rates. The money you invest in upgrading your electrical system will translate to significant long-term savings.

Innovative designs for smart grids

As certified electrical engineers, we make improvements to traditional electric power grids. We install digital and two-way communication sensors along transmission lines to monitor and improve energy usage. In addition, we respond immediately to power outages thanks to the installed sensors. Our new smart grids have been designed to seamlessly adapt to renewable energy technologies for a sustainable future.

Health and safety

We care about your safety when using electricity in the home or office. Our in-house electrical and electronics engineering experts educate company staff and homeowners on the latest electrical safety measures. This promotes a safer working and living environment while enjoying energy-saving lighting and heating.

Full electrical services

We are an all-rounded team that can handle your projects from start to finish. We design and install electrical components according to your requirements. Our engineers have studied and understood the entire scope of commercial and residential electrical systems. This allows us to take charge of your entire project without outsourcing to subcontractors. Our project implementation will enable you to save money and minimize project delays.  Supervising the quality of your project from production to installation ensures we give you value for your money.

Electrical engineering inspection

Do you need a trained and certified electrical engineer to inspect your completed project? We will test your current electrical systems to monitor its efficiency. Our technicians can troubleshoot your entire electrical setup for faulty components. We also evaluate the installation guidelines used to determine any form of engineering negligence.

Aura engineering is one of the most trusted electrical engineering firms in the industry. You can trust us to finish your project on time and within budget. Please call us today for a consultation on efficient new solutions to your existing or prospective infrastructure needs. 281-485-1105        

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Electrical Engineering
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