Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester
Are you looking for a high quality hardness tester? You’ll find a nice selection at grhardnesstester.com, including Rockwell testers and Leeb testers that will get the job done for you with incredible accuracy.
G&R Technology’s modular & portable Rockwell hardness testers are capable of testing many different shapes and sizes. Their highly accurate and versatile RH-150AUTO can operate standalone as a portable tester or attach to a stand as a desktop portable hardness tester. This new motorized hardness tester allows you to perform a complete Rockwell test with a single push of a button.
The RH AUTO Rockwell hardness testers are modular Rockwell testers adaptable to many applications. They can serve as desktop Rockwell hardness testers, portable Rockwell testers, sheet metal testers, metal tube testers, or metal ball testers.
The RH AUTO Rockwell hardness tester becomes a desktop tester when attached to a column stand. The motorized Rockwell tester automatically and quickly performs Rockwell hardness tests on parts of various sizes. Different anvils accommodate different part shapes.
The RH AUTO is also a modular Rockwell hardness tester, with small size and battery power for mobility. By separating from the column stand, it becomes a portable Rockwell tester, perfect for testing in the field. It can be oriented in any direction to test around large and heavy parts.
The RH AUTO also serves as an excellent sheet metal tester. Its light weight and small size is perfect for performing Rockwell hardness tests on bulky and heavy sheet metal. Various retaining frames allows tests on different thicknesses.
By attaching the tube test frame, the RH AUTO becomes a metal tube hardness tester. Place a tube over the frame, and the RH AUTO automatically performs Rockwell hardness tests on the tube wall.
The ball testing frame attachment transforms the RH AUTO into a metal ball tester. Simply place a ball into the frame, and the RH AUTO automatically performs a Rockwell hardness test on the ball surface.
- Actual Rockwell Test
- High accuracy, repeatability and reliability
- Easy to use anywhere
- Versatile for metal tube, sheet & other parts of any size and shape
This model is simple to use- simply place the test piece in the tester and the unit will do the rest. 
- Weight: 2 kg
- Dimensions: 200X110X46 mm
- Rechargeable 6 hr battery
- Bluetooth connection
- Memory: 1000 Test Readings
- Load Cell Based Feedback Loop System
- Motor provides precise and accurate control
- Full 60, 100, and 150 kg loads for Rockwell A, B, and C tests
 0.1HR Resolution
- ASTM E18, ISO 6508, and ASTM E140 Compliant
If you need a hardness tester that will do the job, visit grhardnesstester.com. The company was founded in 1992 in the state of New Jersey, USA and is dedicated to designing and making high quality portable hardness testers. To speak with a specialist who can answer all of your questions, please call 805-499-8015 or visit online to learn more about G&R Technology’s products.