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Product Design And Development

Article provided by: TARLOW DESIGN

Product Design And Development

Product design and development refers to the process involved in conceptualization, design, patenting, and licensing of a new consumer product. It is the combination of both product design and product development.

Product design is a vital component of product development; it involves the whole design process including industrial product design, CAD engineering drawings, simulation, and prototypes. It determines the look and functionality of the product.

Product development is the same as product design and development.

The process involved in Product Design and Development

There are four fundamental processes every consumer product must pass. They include Product Evaluation, Product Design, Manufacturing, and Marketing. Let’s go through these processes.

1. Product Evaluation

This involves conceptualization and product market feasibility study. Conceptualization is merely coming with the idea, which is the basis of product design and development.

Usually, once there is an idea, the inventor approaches a product development company to discuss its actualization. The company then conducts a market feasibility study to ascertain if there is a market for the product.

The product development company may also conduct a patent search for your consumer product to know if it has been invented or not.

2. Product Design

If, after the feasibility study, the company thinks the outcome will be a hit, then product design starts. This involves creating prototypes, designing the functionality and aesthetic of the product, and CAD engineering drawings of every component of the product.

It is essential to work with a skilled and experienced prototype engineer in developing your product. Because it is only with prototypes that they can test and confirm the components of your product in real life, regarding safety and functionality. This helps shape the product’s design.

At Tarlow Design, we use our Solidworks CAD software to draw each component of the product. The CAD drawings are essential for obtaining price quotes from manufacturers and for creating realistic renderings for presentation at investors’ meetings. We also have a fully equipped prototype workshop where we build and test product components to find a balance between reality and your ideas.

3. Manufacturing

This is the part of product design and development in which the plan is made into a product.

Tarlow Designs offers our clients to manufacture their consumer product, but it is okay if you want to handle it yourself. In our 30 years operating as a product design company, we have had the chance to work with several established manufacturing companies across the globe.

If you outsource your manufacturing to us, we will connect you with one of our longtime manufacturing partners.

4. Marketing

The final piece of the puzzle. This is a very critical component of the product design and development. But you do not need to worry yourself about it, just leave it to us to handle.

We will license your product to a reputable manufacturer; they will produce and market the product while you earn a royalty on each item sold.

We have a complimentary product licensing guide to help find and attract a licensee. We will also help you in negotiating your royalty percentage, so you get a great deal.

In conclusion, we say come partner with innovative product design and development company like us. Let’s give life to your brilliant idea.

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