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Swiss Cnc Machine Manufacturers

Swiss Cnc Machine Manufacturers

What Is A Swiss CNC Machine Used For

The Swiss CNC machine was made to provide its users with the necessary tools to create their parts and products. As the need to produce complex and small precision parts increases, companies in the following sector health, aviation, and metal working industries rely on it to get their job done. With it being one of the leaders of parts production in the machine tool industry, it is known for its rigorous work and being able to meet today’s demands in part manufacturing.

The new design of the Swiss CNC machine comes with the ability of increased machine flexibility and has to offer high accuracy, high rigidity and increased productivity making them standard in precision high production applications. It is equipped with more tools and more options with controls that are highly sophisticated helping to streamline the process of machining.

Small Parts Machining

With it being the preferred option for turned long and slender parts, it is now also used for small complex parts with pieces without surfaces inclusive. It is also made with a support guide bushing for the sole purpose of the precision to be maintained throughout the machining process.

The Swiss cnc machine is different from other types of machines as per having a head stock that moves and with its guide bushing doing the job of supporting the work piece to the tool against deflection, the work piece maintains its precise dimensions.

It has room for many tool types in its tool zone with higher end machines having a provision for tool changers as this depends on machine type, complex parts are made with coinciding operations as that is part of its capacity meaning a number of different tools can be at work at the same time cutting although its advantages are known to be from the guide bushing, the geometry and the mechanics in its tool zone.

Eliminate The Need For Grinding

One advantage of the Swiss CNC machine is being able to eliminate grinding completely as the surface finish is more than excellent and as a result of it being able to mill, drill, ream and carry out other operations inside the machine secondary operation is entirely eliminated with the part coming out ready for shipment.

Their chip to chip time from a tool to another is considerably low i.e. being a second or lower than that as the machines are relatively compact therefore tools do not have to move far away and as the tools are arranged to machine a family of parts the set up time is short as you can have 20 or more tools mounted in the machine at the same time.

Once the machine is up and running with the bar stocked in the bar loader, the Swiss CNC machine can be left unattended to meaning it can run for hours without supervision. With the variations in sizes of parts created and the mix of your jobs, it can save you cycle time and remove secondaries for parts on the smaller end of the range.


Swiss Cnc Machine Manufacturers
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