Swiss Lathe Manufacturers

Swiss Lathe Manufacturers

How Swiss Lathe Manufacturers Are Influencing The Industry

Before the introduction of the Swiss-type lathe, the former mechanical machines have been in existence for over a century. At this time, there was the need for parts produced with high precision during the era of the 1900’s industrialization which led to the invention of the required technologies needed to meet up with the existing demands at that time. Today, Swiss CNC lathes are recognized as the latest and modern thing.

Watch-making industries contributed immensely to the development of the industry especially when Swiss lathe manufacturers began developing Swiss-type screw machines for them. Before the creation of the first “moving” headstock in Switzerland, the collet chuck which allowed for the use of the bar stock has already been patented in 1870.

The evolution of the industry

It was during the 1960s that many other industries saw the need to start using the Swiss machines. Swiss lathe manufacturers released the first CNC version in the late 1970s. With time, manufacturers started including live tooling, secondary spindles, gang slides and turrets in the tooling area. However, these machines were not extensively used at the time until the 1980’s when electronic and semiconductor industries began to use Swiss machines to produce parts.

In a bid to produce parts for medical applications, as well as the aerospace industry, there was the need for creating more advanced, stronger and faster machines. To this end, improvements had to be made on the design of the servomotors and controls. These were not achieved until the late 1990’s.

Now, the market is flooded with many Swiss-style turning machines and many prospective buyers are confused on how to go about making the right choice.

What do Swiss lathe manufacturers suggest?

As an essential part of a work area, a lathe helps to make it easier for machinists to get things done at a faster pace. If you are looking to purchase a Swiss lathe, you can find some of the highest quality lathes on the market as there are now a good number of Swiss lathe manufacturers in the industry.

As a matter of fact, shops are recommended to only purchase what they need. To do this, they’ll need to collect relevant drawings of parts they intend to produce and have several manufacturers review them. This is only how an appropriate machine for the job can be determined.

Swiss lathe manufacturers are in the best position to explain the differences between the various brands of Swiss-type machines. In order to effectively reduce part cycle times, shops looking to purchase a Swiss-style machine are also advised to get themselves familiarized with basic capabilities and features of the machine, including the machine’s programming software, counter spindles (sub spindles), C-axis functions, the main spindle speed and so on.

Also, builders advise that shops learn to understand the capacities of the tool before making any purchase. It is important to verify if it’s a stationary or driven tool and to check whether the machine is equipped with a sliding or fixed headstock. All these are essential factors recommended for verification before making a purchase.


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