KSI School

Good Help is Hard to Find

We understand, Which is why KSI Swiss has developed the KSI School for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training to allow your machinists the opportunity to take their skills to the next level.

Programming a CNC Swiss can be a daunting task. Investing in your programming and setup capabilities could mean the difference between being down and out, or being pound for pound the best.


KSI School Classroom Options

From Basic to Advanced, our training will set your operators and programmers on a track of high productivity, and high job satisfaction.

BASIC - 1.5 Day

$ 399 / Training
  • Machine Layout
  • Tool Setting/Offset
  • Machine Operations
  • Measurement Tools
  • Basic Print Reading


$ 599 /Training
  • Basic Trainnig+
  • Programming Introduction
  • Swiss Theory And Part Proccesing
  • Machine And Barfeed Setup
  • Sample Part Programming

ADVANCED - 3.5 Day

$ 799 /Training
  • Intermediate +
  • Advanced Programming
  • Canned Cycles
  • Machine Parameters
  • Tooling Selection And Speeds/Feeds

Need a custom training plan? We can offer on-site training, or web-based training to help meet your needs. Reach out today to get in touch and we can get your team moving!


All Levels Include

  • A KSI School workbook that can be used for notes, and is chalked full of decades of knowledge.
  • Lunch is catered in on each full day of training.
  • Group Question and Answer sessions.
  • Live machine demonstrations in a live production environment.

Interested in Getting Trained?

With our proven experience, we will train you and your machine operators to make wise programming, and machine setup decisions that will result in less changeover time, and more efficient programming, which means more profits for your company.

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