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KSI Swiss is committed to providing excellent service to our customers so they can maintain the highest level of machine up-time. Just because your machine isn't the newest model, doesn't mean you can't get support. We offer support for all current and legacy models produced by KSI Swiss.


We offer support for installations, training, programming assistance, spare parts, and provide assistance with maintenance planning. If you're stuck and need some service or support, don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone at 952-564-3290, or by emailing support@ksiswiss.com.

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KSI Support Site

If you'd like 24-hour support through our forum, help desk, instructional videos, and complete M&G code programming tips, please visit our KSI Support site.

You can find tutorials, tips, and instructional videos all in one convenient location. No more looking for the machine manual and your old G&M Code books: it's all here at your fingertips.

Running a second or third shift? Fast access to crucial information helps you meet delivery deadlines. Subscribe today to make sure you have the support when you need it.

KSI Support gives you an edge to make sure you're able to keep your shop rates and production capacity at peak effectiveness to make sure you're winning your bids.

Get Support From Experts in the Field

Here at KSI Swiss, we’re proud to offer the most affordable, finest quality Swiss-style CNC Automatic Lathes in Lakeville, MN, and beyond. If you’re looking for KSI Swiss Support, look no further than KSI Swiss’ very own experts in the field.

Take a look at our other products to get the most out of our automated machines. Whether you need a high-quality CNC Automatic Lathe in Lakeville, MN, or are looking for top-of-the-line bar loaders, KSI Swiss has them for you.

Need help with our products and services? Don’t hesitate to ask! Contact KSI Swiss today.

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