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TCM 20S 20 MM 10,000 RPM 2.2/3.7 Kw 8,000 RPM 1.5/2.2 Kw
TCM 26S 26 MM 10,000 RPM 2.2/3.7 Kw 8,000 RPM 1.5/2.2 Kw
TCM 32S 32 MM 8,000 RPM 5.5/7.5 Kw 8,000 RPM 1.5/2.2 Kw
TCM 38S 38 MM 8,000 RPM 5.5/7.5 Kw 8,000 RPM 1.5/2.2 Kw

The More Factor. More

Intelligent Chucking

Intelligent Chucking takes advantage of the ample 300 millimeter stroke to reduce the number of bar re-chucks during long production runs. Instead of rechecking for each part the spindle feeds 280 millimeters of material to make multiple parts in a single chucking operation and increments forward for each part. See how this can shave even more off your cycle time.

High Precision Mode

High Precision mode adds even more stability by minimizing vibration caused by high-speed movements of the tool blocks. By reducing the acceleration and deceleration of the axis motors a smoother movement is achieved. Less vibration and fewer jerky movements to the axis allows machining of mirror-like finishes with one tool while simultaneously performing coarser operations such as threading with another tool.

Tool Life Management

Traditional tool life management protocols require a machine to be shut down and serviced when a tool is worn or no longer performs to spec tolerances. Often other tools were replaced at the same time even if not fully worn out to avoid shutting down again a short time later. KSI Swiss automatics take tool life management a step further...

Rapid Tool Change

Our Rapid Tool Change feature shaves cycle time by moving the tool in a smooth arc instead of moving fully back, over and up for each tool change. The software calculates the smoothest and most efficient transition path from tool to tool saving time on every tool change. Savings that add up to a significant reduction of cycle time, which means more profits for you.

Variable Frequency Turning

Variable Frequency Turning (VFT) uses a modified sine wave equation to move the cutting tool at varying intervals to allow for greater chip thinning and chip breakage. This allows for better heat dissipation, chip control, and less machine downtime for taking care of chip issues.

Used Machines

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KSI Swiss Legacy Models


TS 205/325/385

With the TS series, we brought back the lift up door, making even more room to access the inside of the machine. With the TS series, we also introduced some special Fanuc features that weren't available on the older models.

SQX Labeled

SQX 32/38

Our ground-up redesign that allowed for more modular tooling, higher speed spindles, and a unique, clean design for the oil/chip tank.

SM 20 Labeled

SM 20

A specialty designed machine that was our first to have a 10,00 RPM main spindle, the most stroke on the market, as well as the most mass on the market for a 20 mm machine.


SQC 20/32/38

The original 10,000 lb machine. This machine still holds the records for the most mass on the market.

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