TCM Series of CNC Swiss includes New Technologies with Fanuc Oi-TF Control


Burnsville, MN. June 23, 2017 — KSI Swiss announces some new technologies from Fanuc Oi-TF Dual Path CNC Control that improves over all efficiencies and long-term uptime.

  • Fanuc Control Engineers now have specification of 52.3 years of Meantime Between Failures.
  • TCM Series of CNC Swiss Lathes offers as standard the complete Fanuc package (Control, Drives & High Torque Servo Motors)
  • AC Servo Motors are equipped with High Response and Resolution pulse coder 32 Million/rev. for high speed machining and surface smoothness, and Axis Reversal at Quadrant Cross-over.
  • Standard now is 10.4” Color Screen, which allows more information per page for the Operator.
  • Machine Operation Menu Softkey are used for turning Coolant on/off, now standard.
  • Complete Tool Life Management with programmability of each cutting tools for maximum amperage loads.
  • Leakage Detection Function now built in each amplifier to automatically measures insulation resistance of the motor, and detects insulation deterioration when it comes to an abnormal level, thereby preventing machine from unexpected stop.
  • Cooling Fan Warning Function checks for deterioration of the cooling fan speed, and allows for replaced before a failure occurs.
  • Encoder Communication Check Circuit outputs the dummy feedback signal which makes it easier to identify the failing part quickly when a Pulsecoder communication alarm occurs.
  • MT-Link which is a Fanuc product used to capture shop floor data is now include on Fanuc OiTF, (Data is collect through the Ethernet Connection).

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